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Trust The Bread. John 6:29

Jesus answered, “The work of God is this: to believe in the one He has sent.”

-John 6:29

John 6:29 is truly a profound part of Scripture. It is part of the what is known as the Bread of Life discourse where Jesus is essentially telling His Hebrew disciples that He was sent from God and far more important than the manna that God had provided for their ancestors in the desert. They knew that story well, but here Jesus was turning the story around in a great way. He was saying that believing in Him was the only thing that would gain them God’s approval. It wasn’t about how they could work to earn God’s favor – they couldn’t. It wasn’t about what work they could do to earn their way in to heaven – they couldn’t. It wasn’t about their heritage or nationalities. It was all about Jesus. God had sent Him down from above for them to believe in. If they did that, they would have eternal life and a right relationship with God. Jesus was also saying that He was the greatest gift that God has sent to His people.

What about you today? Have you trusted in Jesus? Do you see Jesus as the only way to Heaven and to God the Father – the greatest gift of God? Jesus wrote in John 14:6 that “I am the way, the truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father but through me.” Have you come to Jesus? Have you taken in the true bread of Heaven? If you haven’t we would love to be a able to share more with you about what it means to be a follower of Christ and how you can accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior. Send us a message and we would love to contact you.

If you have accepted Christ, keep remembering Jesus’s words from John 6:29; the work is this, believing in Jesus. As we navigate this life so much of it truly boils down to trusting Him at every turn. Not trusting ourselves or working out our earn way through this live, but believing in Him. God sent Jesus to guide us and show us the way. He sent Jesus so that he could fill up our lives as the true Bread of Heaven. Let’s take Him in!

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