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Reach the Forgotten

  Our goal is for everyone in Liberia to have access to safe water in the name of Jesus Christ by the end of the decade.

  Many organizations dig and rehab wells for Liberian communities and use those wells to spread God's word. But a large portion of Liberia is remote and unable to be reached by large, well-digging equipment which leaves it off of many organizations' radar completely. 


  God Water is passionate about reaching the remote and forgotten parts of Liberia. We provide life-giving physical and spiritual water through the use of water filtration systems.


Providing safe water

our system

  God Water, in partnership with Sawyer, uses the Sawyer pointONE filtration system to provide an all in one system that can be packed away and carried into the most remote villages that do not have access to wells or roads sturdy enough to carry equipment to dig a well. This is where our heart is – with the people who feel forgotten and have been deprived of the basic necessity of clean water.

  After a village has been identified, our team goes in with buckets and filter systems for each family. The family receives one on one training to learn about basic hygiene and how to use and care for their filter system. At this time, we collect health data on the family to record how many days of work or school were missed due to water-borne illness in our GIS system.


   Our team returns four to five times in the next few months to follow up with each family. Each family is observed for proper operation and cleaning of the filter. Health data is collected again. This data begins to prove that there has been a behavior change as we see the missed number of days of work/school go down to almost down to zero. As water-borne illness is almost eradicated in that village, follow up visits are then spaced farther apart.

The interactive map below will show you where we have completed projects in Liberia

more than safe water

Living Water

Every person we serve is told about the love of God. They are told about the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross for all of us. The simple act of providing a family with safe water provides us the opportunity to do this.


   We are partnered with Christian Revival Church Association (CRCA) in Liberia, a Liberian-run church planting organization. Every member of our field team has gone through discipleship and church planting training. They are excited that safe water is the tool to let them be able to share their faith.


   Part of CRCA's commitment to fulfilling the showing the Love of Christ is to show the “Jesus Film” in villages that now have safe water. This screening is often the first exposure villagers have to the Gospel and the spiritual water that Jesus provides. CRCA is equipped with 2 Jesus Film units, which include a screen, a generator, a DVD player, and films in five Liberian dialects and languages. Families see and hear about Jesus in their own language.


   CRCA is hard at work planting churches in the areas that are reached with safe water. They help each church to become self-sufficient and financially independent while still providing spiritual leadership and training. This allows them to continue their church multiplication in new villages.

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